We are going to look at three reasons to get a vinyl wrap for your business.

Small business advertising and lead generation are very difficult especially if you are a small business. Trying to find a way to reach potential clients without breaking the bank is hard enough.

Out of date marketing ploys like the newspaper or overpriced low return on investment advertising like yellow pages are not getting you the business your business needs to grow.

So let me tell you the benefits of having a vinyl wrap in Indianapolis.


One of the amazing things with vinyl wraps are you have control of the use for your business. It can be used for long-term marketing as well as short term.

Examples of long term are:

  • Driving around your local city going to a job or doing everyday tasks.
  • Parking it outside your business or residence to gain attention of people who are passing by
  • Putting it on a box truck to use it as a stand-alone sign.

Examples of short term are:

  • Driving and parking in an area you know your potential clients are going to be. Park your vehicle near the potential clients you want to notice you. If you learn how to time this you can get great exposure.
  • Using your wrap to get exposure at an event or exhibit.

You have so much more options to take advantage of your vinyl wrap rather than just put it on and let it be. With the proper strategy, you can build your business even further.


This is a major advantage for your company right off the bat. Anyone who goes outside has the possibility of seeing your business. Not everyone owns a newspaper or checks business directories. So you are not limited to who your business gets in front of.

If your target market is your local area which most small businesses are then you will be able to possibly reach your clientele everytime you get in your vehicle.

Depending on your industry you may be able to advertise while doing a job or service for someone as well.

Let’s say that you are a roofer. If you are parked at your client’s house you can get your vehicle to be able to be seen from the road. So while you are doing work for your client one of their neighbors sees your wrap and that you’re a roofing company. They later ask your client about your and if you impress your client then they will give you a great referral and you will land a new client.

With vinyl wraps, you don’t have to focus just on one street to market on. Many people ask how vehicle wraps return on investment compares to a billboard. You pay an average $0.04 per every 1000 impressions with a vinyl wrap. For a billboard, you will pay around $3.50 per 1000 impressions. That is a huge difference between the number of potential clients you can reach for your buck.

You can read more about these statistics here: Your Company Needs A Vehicle Wrap

So the fact you can get known around your target area easily just by driving to places you need to travel to anyway is huge.


Brand recognition is huge for any business. The more people who know who you are the better. You will quickly see that when you meet new people they will stay things like “I have seen you driving around here before.” or “I saw your vehicle parked at Subway the other day”.

People notice vinyl wraps. If they didn’t, so many people around the US wouldn’t use them.

It just wouldn’t be logical to spend the money on something that doesn’t advertise. If you want to know how an advertising type works in your area then just check out your competition. Most likely they will have a wrap as well.

Just think of how many businesses you would have never heard about if you didn’t see the wrap on their vehicle.

Truthfully it will be most of them. Most small businesses don’t have big marketing budgets to get the exposure they need. This is why getting something as affordable as a vinyl wrap is so important. It is a form of advertising that lasts over 5 years on average.



Now is the time to get your wrap. We at Big Guy Signs are offering $300 off of a full vehicle wrap if you purchase before January 31st, 2017. Why not increase your return on investment by taking advantage of this limited time offer. After the 31st we do not plan on having a deal like this again for a while.

Right now is the time to contact us about getting your business on the map with a wrap.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 317-780-6000. Our specialists will be able to answer any questions you may have.