Our cars are most likely our second highest investment. People who use cars for ads and spreading their brands would want to make their cars look prettier and adjacent to look like a running sign board. Learn how to turn a car into an amazing ad with these five tips.


Let’s start with having a goal in mind. What do you want to achieve? How do you want the car to look like after the vehicle wrap job? Is it something that would bring in clients when people see the finished car on the streets? Having a goal before actually starting the design gives you insight as to how the finished product would look like. How it would reflect to whoever designed it.

Your client will provide you a rough template of the car upfront. Figure out your goals for the job when you receive the blueprint. If ever you need help, you can look for guides on the internet and specific objects to determine what you can do. Some things that might help are:

  • Having a layout of the finished job in mind
  • Listing achievements obtainable after finishing the job
  • Setting a to-do list that would help your design run smoothly

Set yourself up for success. A good mindset would be putting the success of the job on your top priority.


An inspiration doesn’t mean you have to copy an exact design. Find something you can use as a guide or something to compare and contrast your work to. Find something that fits your design to your liking or something that is the exact opposite of what you want your design to look like. Work around your client’s logo or layout while looking for concepts to base your design on that would fit your client’s wants. Your client may want an exact copy of a picture to be done on his/her car. Make sure you get down to details with him/her in discussing a budget for the job and get to an agreement on the cost.


Although, a really complicated design that looks really good works the best, a simple one would make for a safe and neat design. When you’re working on an ad design for a car, the ad should be visible within seconds. Remember, the car can speed up to 60mph so make sure the brand is visible even when the car is speeding through the streets. A simple design that would instantly catch someone’s eye even though it is from a speeding car would make your work look so great at little cost.


Pre-made designs are pre-made for a reason – so everyone can use them. Inspirations are always good. Though, copying one to the dot is not what works. Trust your own artistry because every artist and designer is unique. Copying someone else’s work is something you absolutely do not want to do. In fact, your client trusts your design that’s why they chose you in the first place.

Online pre-made designs are good but then again, being unique is your way to go. Think it through and design whatever YOU think fits your client’s brand.


As they always say, the customer is always right. You should never, in any way, shape or form, allow yourself to totally disregard a customer’s needs and requests. Doing your own design is good but if it doesn’t fit what your client’s needs are then it’s as good as trash. Harsh but it’s true. If your client doesn’t like your design because you strayed away from his/her requests, don’t expect anything from them because it’s your own fault.

Put your partnership with your client above your ego. If there’s a specific design your client wants to do, it’s your job as a designer to give advices and lead your client to the right path to make him/her understand why it has to be this or that. Also, make yourself available to contact anytime. The bridge between you and your client should always be intact. This makes it so that it is easier to apply changes as soon as possible whenever your client wants it and as well as make it easier for you to let your client know of the changes if there are any and be quick to an agreement.