Picking the right words can be a strength in so many ways. Sharing of ideas, learning and connecting become possible through effective communication. And when visual communication is transformed into powerful words through exterior signs, it delivers impactful messages to prospective residents and renters. This is essential to all apartment communities. And for your business to have an edge, your exterior signs should be no ordinary. It needs to stand out.

One of the most obvious benefits of having an effective apartment sign and graphics is that it tells potential occupants and residents that the building is professionally managed. Banners, wall signs, A-frame signs, flags and window decals should be created and installed in the most artistic and professional approach because they tell so much about your business. It is always a good idea to seek the help of experts to ensure that your exterior signs are of high quality and stand out from the rest.
If you own an apartment for rent and want to grow a respectable venture in which you can take pride, you need to be mindful how advertising, promotion and brand awareness are essential to running a business. This is why you need an effective signage that can help you win the attention of targeted customers that can find your material useful at any time of the day.
An exterior sign, when done professionally and creatively, can make your apartment stand apart from all the other establishments that offer the same service. It is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure that your signage is attractive given the fact that the audiences on the road are quick to respond positively to billboards and ads provided that they are catchy and genuinely reflects the business. These outdoor forms of advertising should deliver a clear message so that the customers will know exactly what they can expect if they choose your apartment.
So whether you’re currently operating an apartment for rent or have current plans to start a business, planning how to come up with a good signage should be a priority. It has been proven by experts that there is a greater chance for customers to make a purchase from businesses they are already familiar with. A sign can undoubtedly produce the seed for future sales.

If there is a non-living thing that can serve as a salesperson for your business, that should be your exterior sign. It draws attention to your apartment communities and helps potential customers determine how it is different from all the others on your street. It also helps people to locate you easier. Based on data published at the official website of U.S. Small Business Administration, exterior signs function as the prime link between your business and your customers.

Exteriors signs generally have two types. It can either be building-mounted or ground-mounted. The latter can take on different shapes and sizes. Ground-mounted signs are usually placed near roads to catch the attention of passing motorists. Building-mounted signs, on other hand, are the ones you see on a downtown shopping area and in other places where foot traffic is huge. Whatever the type is, exterior signs are positioned in places where a number of people usually pass by.

Aside from a tactically positioned billboard, you can also place magnetic signs on the side of your vehicle. This way, it serves as a mobile ad. You can also do negotiations with other motorists to place your business signs on their own rides so you can reach a greater number of audiences. Signs can also work to your advantage for off-premises use.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the cost-per-thousand is much lower for exterior signs than other methods of advertising through different media like television, radio and print. Cost-per-thousand is a method generally used to measure the rate of targeting thousands of potential customers. Including signage in your marketing efforts is practical, especially if you have a limited budget.

Exterior Signs for Apartments, Churches, Businesses and More! 

Exterior signs provide a significant impact to all places of business, which include retail stores, apartments and more. It draws the attention of potential customers while serving as a way to welcome the current clients in a warm approach. Imagine how your customers would feel as they see your beautifully-designed external sign. It will make them perceive that they are welcomed to experience what you have to offer.

Outdoor and Directional Signage 
You need to pay keen attention to your outdoor signage because your entrance signs tell a lot about you, specifically, what customers can expect from you. If your external sign in front of your building or establishment is well-maintained, this will lead people to perceive your business to be reputable. If you own an apartment for rent and you have an effective signage, this will create eagerness on your customers’ part. On the other hand, most businesses need directional signs to make it easier for guests to find their way to the restrooms, cash registers and special aisles. Simple arrows with short descriptions can be used for this type of signage.

Readability and Colors

Readability and the right choice of colors are vital for an effective signage. The letter to be used should be large enough for the customers to read it easily. Experts agree that there needs to be an added inch of height for every 10 feet of viewing distance to make the external sign readable from the customer’s vantage point. For instance, the letters should be at least three inches tall if a customer is 30 feet away from the sign.

The text and the background should have different colors. The most recommended hues for the texts are black, white and red. It is wise to use white text on a black background or red text over a yellow background. To ensure that the sign is readable, using backgrounds that are almost the same color as the text is not advisable.